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Best Tailored Physiotherapy

When i started phsyio for my slipped disc i had difficulty doing things i liked such as sports and even day to day routines were quite difficult to manage. However under Dharvin's care i have not only been able to do my daily tasks with ease, but also return to my highly active sporting life style. I have been impressed regularly, he monitors my progress and makes adjust to my regiment as needed. The level of service he provided me is admirable and highly satisfying.

Michael Mustafa


Highly-Skilled Physiotherapist

Following ORIF surgery for a fractured fibula, I started physical therapy. I needed a therapist who would move me closer to returning to my active lifestyle. Dharvin demonstrated great knowledge of strength and mobility routines for targeted muscle groups. He patiently supported my proper execution of each exercise and modified as needed. He was encouraging with his words and actions, pushing me beyond what I thought I was capable of accomplishing.

Paul Christopher Balsamo


High Recognition Professional Service

During this period of physiotherapy treatment I have had the excellent fortune to be under the dedicated care of Dharvin to help me with my rehabilitation. He has taught me how to run again, and made my joints and muscles far more flexible and improved my cardio capabilities enormously. He shows me parts of my body that have not functioned well that I was totally unaware of. His observations are revelations to me and really guided me to recovery.

Douglas McCole

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